How do you feel?

This week we have been reading a selection of Eric Carle stories that link to PSED (Personal, Social and Emotional Development). We talked about how the stories showed a range of emotions and how we can experience many emotions and how our faces represent them. 

In key person groups the children were exploring emotion stones and talking about ‘why they might be sad?’, ‘what makes them happy?’, etc.

#m0117b (what makes you happy?) “playing with my sister”

#m10 (what makes you shocked?) “when somebody scares me”

#a18 (what makes you sad?) “when my friends don’t share”

#a14 (what makes you cross?) “losing a game”

The children then replicated the stones:

Next step: Can both classes relate back to this session and the books and talk about how they feel and how they can help others? 

Arts Week-Wednesday 

Today’s activities included painting bread to make into toast for our snack. 

The children thoroughly enjoyed creating their own designs on their bread using the colours: red, blue, green and yellow. 

#pn10: “I’m mixing the paint”

#a12 said: “you can mix the red and yellow to make orange”

#a16: “I’ve painted a rainbow”

#m13: “I didn’t know you could paint on bread”

The children liked the artwork toast for their snack! Yummy!

Arts Week – Tuesday

Today the children in Nursery were continuing to explore different materials during Art Week.

The activities today included: 

  • Making wands using a variety of materials
  • Making a spider or ladybird out of play dough
  • Messy paint play

The children thoroughly enjoyed making the wands and one child said “the wand needs a feather, then it’s magic!” #m18.

” mine has lots of colours” #m32

“It’s multicoloured” #m8

In the play dough area another child said:

“My spider has lots of eyes” #pn20

“It’s a spider it has 8 legs” we then checked how many legs she had used on her play dough spider she said “13” and then she independently recounted and with support removed 5 legs so the spider had 8 legs. #pn1

Arts Week –  Monday 

Nursery are taking part in the school’s Arts Week. It is exciting to have a range of art activities in the provision and for children to be engaged with them. The children are actively exploring the textures and materials this week and ar expanding their experiences of Expressive Arts and Design.

Firstly the children were  making bubble painting and watching how the paint, soap and water mixed together to make coloured bubbles. The children were excited to watch the change in texture. They then printed the bubbles onto a piece of paper. 

“It’s like a jelly football” #pn10

“Blowing bubbles, they’re popping”. #m0117c

Secondly the children were able to explore different textures of ingredients they might find in their cupboards. In the messy tray the children commented on the texture of the materials and used the flour, rice, sand and porridge to make textured collages. 

“It feels bumpy” #m10

“The colour is soft” #m0117d

The children also had an exciting opportunity to take part in Baby Beats. 

The children sang songs and danced to music and used good listening skills and EAD skills and knowledge.

Musical performance in Nursery

 Nursery had a wonderful treat from one of our children’s sister. Faye came to Nursery to share with the children a variety of nursery rhymes and songs that she has practised to achieve her Grade One. 

The children sat and watched in awe and then sang along to the songs played

Learning about a clarinet…

The children then sat in a circle and asked questions about playing a musical instrument. Faye then kindly passed around her clarinet for the children to get a closer look of the instrument. 

The children enjoyed this musical performance, thank you Faye! 

Super counting for one little boy! 

Counting video

This little boy has transitioned and settled into Nursery. He has started to show an interest in the maths resources. I have supported and moved his learning on by playing number and counting  and number recognition games with him and his friends. 

In this observation this boy was counting up to 10 and representing numbers up to 4 by matching the correct number of stones.

Well done!

Football skills with Afternoon Nursery

Watch me:

This afternoon children were given a surprise opportunity to have a football skills session this afternoon. 

The children used their listening skills to follow instructions and displayed characteristics of effective learning: Making Links and be willing to have a go. 

Nursery enjoyed a game where the coach had to try and take the ball away from the children, encouraging the  children  to focus on controlling their football.

Farm visit to Nursery…

Nursery had a visit from Bowland Farm and enjoyed meeting Farmer David and his animals. 

  • Joey and Emma the aplpacas.
  • Lamb Bhuna and Mint Sauce the sheep
  • Dancer and Popstar the goats
  • Ducks 
  • Chickens

The children got to stroke the animals and feed them special farm food. They were all very brave and interacted with most of the animals. The children were meeting the 30-50 months of Understanding the World. (UTW) They were developing an understanding and talking about their observations of the animals. 

Virtual butterflies in Nursery

Nursery are still patiently waiting for their caterpillars to hatch into butterflies. We have instead been watching and playing with virtual butterflies. 

The children had a set of iPads to use and were linked onto the television to share there view of virtual butterflies on their screens. The children were shown how to navigate the app and explore the classroom which is now filled with butterflies.

We hope this weekend our butterflies will come out of their cocoons!

Writing, writing, writing … we love to write in Nursery!

Our Nursery children have become buzzing, little writers. We have been supporting children with their sounds and tricky words. The children have been able to independently write and mark-make in the provision. 

The girls in this picture are both concentrating on writing a list of animals that they might see on a farm:
This little boy has demonstrated a new interest of mark making and we are very proud of him!

Group mark marking:

This little girl is practising writing her name:
This boy is drawing his ‘Mummy and Daddy’:
This girl was found using the phase 2 tricky words to write a sentence, ‘I go to my Nan’s house’. Independently she read the tricky word cards and wrote the sentence using phonetic knowledge knowledge:

Keep writing Nursery!